IZZY Publishing’s WG Magazine is a digital publication that identifies and promotes the best culinary experiences around the world. We strive to give our readers an insightful glimpse into an ever-changing culinary landscape through eclectic coverage and relevant dialogue.

The genesis of WG Magazine is in tune with the best dining opportunities available. Interestingly enough, in short order, the audience drawn to this beautiful magazine transcended those it was meant for, and touches the heartfelt lifestyle of prominent connoisseurs worldwide. The pure picture-book fashion of this stylish, digital magazine, has captured the hearts of those seeking opulence and quality in over 42 countries!

In its pages, through inspirational pictures, WG elegantly defines luxury as it is captured in colorful spreads that includes the world’s best restaurants, fine dining with the most recognized and Michelin awarded chefs, celebrity chefs, and it defines the best culinary experiences.

The publication is displayed in a beautiful digital reader, tailored to enhance the timeless elegance of a quality publication. Fully integrated and supports all mobile devices, making reading easy on whatever device you view WG and its associated publications. It enables readers to access the magazines in a digital format anytime and anyplace, and adds to the marketing reach by providing an interactive and luxury experience.

With an extraordinary team around the world, WG has had the opportunity to publish exclusive publications and partner with the best culinary events – GELINAZ!, Madrid Fusíon Manila, Italian Cuisine Summit, Live In The Vineyard, Palm Beach Food and Wine Festival and the Gourmet Culinary Extravaganza hosted by Heinz Beck at Conrad Algarve.

Design driven by a team of creative, talented and celebrity writers…


José Esbelto Xavier deCastro Monteiro – Founder and Managing Director


Fabian deCastro, Editor


Doug Singer, Lifestyle Editor


Doug is a prolific Luxury Lifestyle writer and entrepreneur whose body of work includes being the founder of Daily Food & Wine, Metropolitan Report and Urban Billionaire, as well as Travel Editor for the ultra - exclusive Jetset Magazine. Doug’s recent work includes being a prolific food writer, co-authoring a cookbook with a prominent celebrity chef of Indian origin, an on-camera spokesman for interviews with Sony TV and FOX News for a wide array of culinary events and competitions.


Oilda Barreto, Feature Editor


Michael Hepworth, Contributing Editor


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