A COOKBOOK FOR A CAUSE by award-winning author Flavel Monteiro teams up with F&B stalwart Naim Maadad


For the very first time from North America to New Zealand, a Culinary Mela with 58 of the finest Indian chefs and 1 Chaiwala come together in support of the COVID catastrophe in India.

Buy an eBook, Support the cause to help feed the needy. Proceeds of this eBook will go to Dubai Cares – IACAD Permit No. 4074 and

Extremely delighted for the authors to bring up this creative compilation of the finest India Chefs ranging from North America to New Zealand. This is such a superb initiative to celebrate and showcase the best of culinary excellence hailing from the rich heritage of India. It brings me great pleasure to support, encourage and applaud everyone amongst these 58 who will be representing the best of incredible India through this collaboration.”  Vikas Khanna

“First time ever. A superb collection of rare Indian recipes shared by brilliant Indian chefs. It’s an E-edition and limited print edition, but unlimited in its generosity to help feed the needy in the COVID catastrophe.” Rashmi Uday Singh, Food Critic, Author of 40 Food Books




In October 2020, I released The Best of Dubai: A Dining Experience with 34 of Dubai’s home-grown chefs and six months later with The Best of Dubai: The Dining Destination this number has doubled with a handful of female chefs and a baker’s dozen of pastry chefs and 153 recipes.

Since the 2020 launch, my goal was to mount this formidable task of not only making Dubai a dining destination but to bring the best chefs of Dubai together; one-of-a-kind gastronomic events took place around the city at Reform Social & Grill on December 5, 2020, and February 6, 2021, Trèsind Studio, BOCA, Folly by Nick & Scott, Carnival by Trèsind Studio and one coming up on April 10 at 24th Street, Dusit Thani – it is truly amazing what one can accomplish when you join efforts.

With being the fourth most travelled city in the world, Dubai is a culinary hub with an unbelievable collection of cuisines all in one place, unlike any other city in the world and this makes Dubai a unique dining destination. The Best Of Dubai: The Dining Destination conveys the finest restaurants and the best home-grown chef of Dubai.

Welcome to Dubai, the dining destination!

“Dubai is not just a dining venue – it is one of the food capitals of the world, it is an experience where home-grown chefs elevate gastronomy to a new level”

Flavel Monteiro

What makes Dubai dining so special? In the last decade and a half, this culinary landscape in Dubai has changed. Dubai is not just a dining venue – it is one of the food capitals of the world, it is an experience where home-grown chefs have shined through the years and elevated gastronomy to a new level. These brilliant chefs representing 34 of the finest restaurants, an impressive range of outstanding food experience by Dubai’s best home-grown chefs – Vineet Bhatia, Reif Othman, Grégoire Berger, Colin Clague, Musabbeh Al Kaabi, Francesco Guarracino, Ilias Kokoroskos, Praba Manickam, Luigi Vespero, Himanshu Saini, Gilles Bosquet, Nick Alvis & Scott Price, Francesco Acquaviva, Benjamin Wan, Luciano Marques, Salvo Sardo, Andy Toh, Matthijs Stinnissen, Giacomo Amicucci, Pradeep Khullar, Steven Smalley, Andrea Fioravanti, Saradhi Dakara, Yang Toa, Luca Tresoldi, Domenico Santagada, Vinu Raveendran, Theodore Rouvas, Yannis Manikis, Jin Chul Kim, Diego Sánchez, Urosh Mitrasinovic, Marc Manosa and Rene Juefri.

A specially edited video “Experience Dubai” made just for The Best Of Dubai: A Dining Experience along with Dubai Food Festival and Ready When You Are.




“Food feeds the soul. It binds families and communities. And never more so than in unsettling times like these.”

From the first words by Elena Arzak
Restaurant Arzak and winner of the
Best Female Chef of the World’s Best 50 Restaurants


84 of the world’s finest chefs from 6 continents, 31 countries, with over 50 Michelin stars, representing some of the best restaurants from Brazil to Australia who are featured on La Liste, the World’s 50 Best Restaurants and with international awards – we have indeed Come Together!

Committed partnership with artisans of taste to push back the limits of creativity – the mysteriously

enchanted world of cocoa…


“When imagination becomes emotion with Valrhona’s great palette of tastes”

Chocolate starts with cocoa, blending the best from different origin requires true talent and experience. With years of expertise, Valrhona cultivates a delicious heritage, from the cocoa fruit to couverture chocolate dedicated to artisans. Its history is characterized by innovations that have been a landmark in the world of chocolate.

It is a great honour to have Frédéric Bau, the world’s most talented pastry chef, to take time from his hectic schedule to write the first words, the introduction and to share his signature recipes to Thought Process. The inspirations of flavour, colours, and textures by the finest – Glenn Noel, Liz Stevenson, Balazs Enzsol, Francesco Acquaviva, Ryan Harris, Stephanie Ceronio, Gaël Claviere, Samanta Bakker, Dwiyanti Cintaningrum, Gregory Chrismant, Daniel Negreira and Jun Tomioka.

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“A culinary mix with fresh flavours, the purity of Ireland’s natural produce and passionate producers”


People enjoy sharing food that they love, they take interest in the stories of where it comes from, and how it’s produced. Each story starts in the very same way, with a perfect combination with the natural environment, and working in harmony.

These brilliant chefs who have brought out the best of their culinary prowess – Anna Haugh the only Irish lass along with Heinz Beck, Alfredo Russo, Reif Othman, Grant MacPherson, John Buenaventura, Daniel Negreira, Luigi Vesparo, Steven Smalley, James Knight-Pacheco, Shane Born, Saradhi Dakara, Raymond Wong and Craig Best.

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A culinary exploration featuring four San Marzano tomato sauces. These fine chefs are crushing it!

Live the Legacy…


Imagine a book simultaneously written by two people—one in Dubai, U.A.E and the other in Connecticut, U.S.A. One might say that either these two are crazy, or it will take over a year to complete. Both still sane, although incredibly fried after the ten-week marathon of putting Legacy together. It has been a legacy in itself!

Beyond these first pages, the most exceptional culinary professionals from around the world made this feasible—Alfredo Russo, Konstantin Filippou and Grant MacPherson with the forewords, and Courtney Brandt with her introduction. The finest chefs crushing it – Vineet Bhatia, Silvia Baracchi, Tano Simonato Maneet Chauhan, Carla Pellegrino, Teresa Cutter, Colin Clague, Luca Rosati, James Knight-Pacheco, Reif Othman, Daniel Negreira, James Oakley, Daniel Chavez, John Buenaventura, Mirko Fassari, Lim Yew Aun, Federico Teresi, Jean Winter, Tamara Chavez, Niyati Rao, Jorge Rivero, Saradhi Dakara, Giuseppe Cutraro, Carlo Quattrocchi, and four cocktails from Marina Zbinden, the only tea sommelier along with mixologist Souvik Dasgoupta. Testimonials from Samantha Wood, Sam Aisbett, Zoe Bowker and José Luis Vicente Gómez complete LEGACY.

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“A passion for the finer things in life – a desire to live within the greatest expression of pleasure – Lavazza coffee and gastronomy!

-Flavel Monteiro


COFFEE ABSOLUTE GASTRONOMY is a celebration of coffee, fine cuisine and Lavazza. This 176-page book embarks on journeys from Curitiba in Brazil to Sydney, Australia. Along the way, encountering 35 Michelin stars, 6 continents, 23 countries and inspired by the genius of 40 of the world’s cutting-edge culinary professionals.

As an ingredient, coffee is highlighted in each of the 70 recipes, some plates are specially created with Lavazza coffee beans, while others feature either ground coffee, an espresso shot, coffee-infused in oil or a coffee rub to complement and highlight the ingredients in each dish, each of you brilliant and outstanding chefs have brought out the best of your culinary prowess while working with coffee as an ingredient – A culinary homage to coffee.”

Baron Wolman starts the book with an ode to coffee. The First Words from the very best of France and La Liste’s Culinary Best – Guy SAVOY, and the introduction by Ferran and Albert Adrià.

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